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When will my liquid bone broth order arrive?

* Liquid bone broths ship within the contiguous US ONLY. We can not ship to P.O boxes.

To ensure your liquid Bone Broth is fresh when it arrives, it's shipped frozen and packed in dry ice. For that reason, all orders for liquid bone broth are shipped Monday through Thursday (depending on the transit time and shipping method).

Liquid Broth Order Placed

Liquid Broth Orders Shipped

After 10AM EST Wednesday but before 4PM EST Friday


After 4PM EST Friday but before 10AM EST Tuesday


Before 10AM EST within 1 to 2 day ground zones


Before 10AM in 1-day ground zone



Please watch for your delivery confirmation to know precisely when your Broth will be arriving so you can plan to get it into your freezer right away.

Updated on 26 Jul 2023