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My Cleanse and Reset and Keto: A Perfect Pair

Are you ready to get your health back on track? Are you tired of feeling drained and unmotivated every day? I bet you’d like to get rid of those fine lines, dull skin tone, and slim down your tummy too. What if I told you it was possible to see phenomenal results that will leave you feeling rejuvenated with a quick five-day cleanse? In just five days, I can help you cleanse and reset your body and mind, leaving you feeling better than ever.

The Cleanse and Reset

When my body quit on me a few years ago, I knew it was time to take action. I had been ignoring all the signs, and my body had taken enough. In my need for immediate health and wellness emerged a five-day cleanse that restored and reset me back to my old self. I felt refreshed. Slimmer. Happier. And you can too. 

How It Works

The cleanse and reset doesn’t require you to give everything up to reset your body in this short timeframe. Instead of fasting, you’ll limit yourself to small meals consisting of green smoothies, shakes, and select soups that support the cleanse. And by slashing your carb intake, you’re going to do some serious fat-burning.

Pairing the Five-Day Cleanse with Your Keto Cleanse

A keto lifestyle restricts your carb intake to the bare minimum to burn fat quickly. Think of it as consuming more fat to burn more fat. A keto cleanse also helps you reduce and balance your blood sugar and insulin levels. Drastically cutting back on the number of carbs you consume tells your body to burn ketone bodies; a type of fat, instead of burning sugar, to provide you with energy. This is also known as being in a state of ketosis. Ketosis helps you melt away that belly fat faster than you can imagine. With this in mind, it makes for a fantastic one-day jump-start to your five-day cleanse. You’ll start burning fat immediately, then flow right into day one of your five-day cleanse and reset. I call this the “Keto Push," but it's not required to see the amazing results you’ll get with my cleanse and reset.

Modifying Keto

Already working on a keto cleanse? No problem! My five-day cleanse allows you to make modifications easily. I recommend you start off with the keto push, then follow my cleanse and reset plan with keto-friendly ingredients. I’ve even supplied a ton of delicious recipes within the Cleanse and Reset book, so all you’ll have to do is leave out starchy vegetables and fruit. You’ll find that adapting the soups, smoothies, and shakes to fit your keto cleanse is no trouble at all.

If you’re looking to revive your health, your happiness, and your skin, this is your chance. Imagine feeling completely restored by this time next week! It’s time to turn your health around and get you back on track. Ready to make this commitment with me? Let’s get started!

Keep thinking Big and living BOLD!