7-Day Bone Broth Diet Meal Plan

7-Day Bone Broth Diet Meal Plan

As a naturopathic doctor, I have made it my mission since day one to inspire my patients to transform into a healthier, happier version of themselves. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be hard… you just need the right tools. If you’re looking to eat healthier follow my Bone Broth Diet or my Bone Broth Lifestyle guidelines and use the 7-Day meal plan below to get started.


Smoothie and Power Bowl recipes are typically 1 serving so adjust according to the number of people you are serving.

Other recipes are typically for 4 servings (unless indicated otherwise) and the meal plan is created for one person so adjust your recipes accordingly.

For recipes that are 4 servings:

  • For one person, cut any 4-serving recipes in half and you to get two meals. 
  • For two people make 4 servings to get two meals for each person.
  • For four people double the recipe to get two meals for each person.


Cook on certain nights and have leftovers or batch cook on the weekends and be prepared with ready meals all week. 

If batch-cooking on one day for the entire week consider freezing the meals you plan to eat later in the week and simply refrigerate the meals for early in the week.


For optimal weight loss, adding intermittent fasting to your daily routine can be a game-changer. I have two options for intermittent fasting that I like to recommend: a daily 16:8 schedule and a weekly 5:2 schedule. On both options I recommend using bone broth to make it easier--no white-knuckling required!

Daily 16-Hour Fasts (16:8)
When intermittent fasting on a daily basis I recommend replacing breakfast with 1 to 2 cups of bone broth and condensing your remaining two meals into an 8-hour window (fasting for 16 hours). This works best when following a healthy lifestyle plan like my Bone Broth Lifestyle. And bonus: if you consume just one cup of bone broth before your meals, you can enjoy your second cup of bone broth any other time during the day!

Twice Weekly Fasts of 24-36 Hours (5:2)
Five days a week, follow my portion guidelines for meals in the Bone Broth Lifestyle guide or in the Bone Broth Diet book. Two days a week, fast for 24 to 36 hours, consuming only water, and up to 4 cups of bone broth during the fasting period. I recommend non-consecutive fasting days.


Breakfast: Baked Eggs Cups with Spinach*
Lunch: Greek Power Bowl* (double this recipe)
Dinner: Meatball Poppers* with Sweet Potato Fries

Breakfast: Strawberry Smoothie*
Lunch: Meatball Poppers* with Sweet Potato Fries (use leftovers)
Dinner: Chicken and "Rice" Soup*

Breakfast: Baked Eggs Cups with Spinach*
Lunch: Greek Power Bowl* (double this recipe)
Dinner: Creamy Chicken Curry

Breakfast: Blue Green Smoothie*
Lunch: Chicken and "Rice" Soup(use leftovers)
Dinner: Shrimp Pad Thai Buddha Bowl*

Breakfast: Protein Crepes
Lunch: Creamy Chicken Curry (use leftovers)
Dinner: Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms*

Breakfast: Kimchi Omelet*
Lunch: Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms* (use leftovers)
Dinner: Grilled Hamburger and Veggies*

Breakfast: Sausage & Squash Breakfast Hash
Lunch: Grilled Hamburger and Veggies* (use leftovers)
Dinner: Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili*

* Bone Broth Diet & 10-Day Belly Slimdown Approved



My go-to snack is a cup of bone broth and I encourage all my patients to add 2 cups of bone broth to their daily diet in place of sugary snacks. Bone broth is very filling, loaded with nutrients and protein, and very low in calories and when consumed in place of sugary drinks and snacks you lower your sugar and calorie intake. Bone broth is also great for curbing sugar cravings and thanks to the protein it helps you stay fuller longer. It can fill you up, without adding pounds!

In addition to 2 cups of bone broth each day you can enjoy one to two of the following each day:


BONUS: you can download this meal plan here.


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