6 Refreshing Drink Recipes to Spruce Up Your Summer Soiree

6 Refreshing Drink Recipes to Spruce Up Your Summer Soiree

Hello, Summer!

Long days, warm breezes, and a bit of relaxation. (You are taking time to relax, right?!) Summer is the season where any excuse to lounge with a cool, refreshing drink is a good excuse.

Are you with me on this?

Over the years, I’ve put together some delicious summer drink recipes and I figured it would be helpful to group them all in one place for you. You can use this recipe roundup to host a Porch Party Summer Soiree with your friends and neighbors, or simply take time for yourself and a good book. (Or podcast!)

Dr. Kellyann’s Summer Drink Recipe Roundup

This roundup is a mix of cocktails and mocktails, with each recipe featuring at least one of my favorite health-boosting secret weapons. This way, you get a shot of detoxification and energy support along with your hydration… and chillaxation. 

What’s more, these summer drinks are not only delicious, they’re easy on the eyes. (The Sunrise Smoothie is so pretty!) I have no doubt they'll dazzle your whole crew... even if your crew is just a party of one. 

So… are you ready to drink up? Here are your recipes.

Non-Alcoholic Summer Drinks (aka Mocktails)

Sunrise Smoothie — This fruity two-layer smoothie combines my Orange Cream Collagen Cooler, fresh mango, and strawberries for a tropical flavor you’ll love.

Raspberry Sorbet — This one isn’t technically a drink, but who can pass up a bowl of delicious sorbet on a hot summer afternoon? Especially when it's made with my Orange Cream Collagen CoolerNo one, that’s who!

Raspberry Sorbet Smoothie — Same zingy taste as the Raspberry Sorbet, but in smoothie form.

Lemon Mojito Mocktail — Nothing says summer better than a cooling, citrus sip. And my twist on this minty favorite also refreshes and rejuvenates your skin with my beloved Lemon Sips.

Alcoholic Summer Drinks (aka Cocktails)

Bloody Mary — If you’re a fan of savory drinks, this spin on the classic Bloody Mary is for you. The secret ingredient? My signature Bone Broth, of course!

Sangria Lemonade — We both know it wouldn’t be summer without lemonade… or wine! This recipe features my Lemon Sips and your favorite white wine for the best of both worlds.

Don’t all these summer drink recipes sound delicious? I hope you discover at least one that calls your name and that you enjoy every last drop. Don’t forget to take time to enjoy every last drop of summer, too. Before you know it, we’ll be talking about pumpkin spice!